My sensibilities are composed of a good measure of Hungarian paprika, a dash of Israeli chutzpah, and a healthy dose of American political correctness. I was born in Hungary, grew up in Israel, and have been living in the the U.S. for more than half my life.

Early on, I discovered an attraction to the abstract, as in the art of Picasso and Braque, and even in my Linguistics education, where I focused on the study of the abstract, universal elements of language.

I wasn’t quite 10 years old when I first looked at the world through the viewfinder of my mother’s 1930’s box camera, which now sits on my computer station. I took my first pictures on a much improved Leica in my teens, switched to Nikon, and haven’t stopped clicking since. As my mother before me, I was designated to be the documentarian of my friends and later my family. While committing to memory the events of our lives, my attention often strayed to the play of light on the canvas of my environment, looking to capture shapes, colors, and forms away from the beaten path, the squealing kids, and the clinking dishes.

I feel in my element especially when in nature, connecting to something bigger than myself. My inspiration came from photographers such as Edward Weston, Galen Rowell, and later Eddie Soloway.


Photographic Education
Julia Dean Photo Workshop, 2010 - present

Courses taken cover technical skills, conceptual and artistic development. Teachers include Aline Smithson, Eddie Soloway, Joe Baraban, Mark Berndt, Michael Gordon

Perceptions, 2012, Julia Dean Photo Workshop, Los Angeles, CA 2012

WIP FLASH 2012: "First Nature", Broadway Art Space, Santa Monica, CA 2012
The Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, Venice Art Gallery, Venice, CA 2012

Jacket image for The Decoders single CD "Hey There Lonely Boy", 2011

International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention in 2 Nature Non-Professional categories, 2012